What are the Most Popular Soccer Bets?

Soccer betting is as thrilling as the sport itself. It is a relatively low-scoring sport and this makes it as much more interesting to bet. Even when the number of goals scored is much limited compared to other sports, there are almost endless betting opportunities here. You will certainly need the help of expert football prediction for tomorrow matches from tipsters. So what are the most popular soccer bets and what do they mean? Find out in this guide.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulators have higher odds but give you the opportunity to win some big money. So if you are ready to take risks, but intend to turn even modest stakes into huge payouts, these are the bets for you to choose. Relying on football prediction for tomorrow from expert tipsters can go a long way in helping you cover the high odds.




Some of the key features of accumulator bets in soccer are as follows:

  • Predictions are made on more than a single match
  • The stake and winnings from each bet roll over as the wager for the next match (you should win on all selections)
  • The goods for each selection get multiplied together
  • Despite very high odds, these bets are highly popular

1×2 Bets

Much simple and straightforward, 1×2 bets are the most popular soccer markets. The key features of this bet are as follows:

  • You will have to make a straightforward prediction, such as whether the home team or the away team will win or will there be a Score Draw
  • The codes for the results are 1 for Home team, X for Draw, and 2 for Away team

The following example explains this type of bet:

Let Manchester City be represented by 1 (home team). Arsenal be represented by 2 (away team). The draw will be represented by X. Considering the odds, the home team is likely to have lower odds and the away team is going to have much higher odds. Consider the odds to be 1.35 for Manchester City, 6 for Arsenal, and 4 for draw.

So if it is a 100 stake, if you bet on Manchester City and win, you will get 135 as payout. If you bet on Arsenal and they win, you will get 600. A draw will pay you 400. This is a Full Time Result bet and is also available in handicap betting.

Handicap Bets

In these types of bets, the teams are handicapped according to their current form. The underdog is given a few points of goals head start. The odds are based on the starting goals. This is also a widely popular soccer market and you can always find football prediction for tomorrow for these bets.

Some of the key features of these bets are as follows:

  • You can often choose the number of goals to be awarded or deducted
  • The odds are based on the number of goals you choose as a head start for a team
  • The favorite will have its goals deducted
  • The underdog will have additional goals awarded from the beginning
  • You can also find bookmakers that allows you to award extra goals to the favorites and deduct from the underdogs

So if you give the favorites a (-1) goal, the side will have to win by at least 2 goals for your bet to win.    So fi the team wins 2-1, the result for your wager will be 1-1. This means, it will be a draw and your bet will lose. The favorites will have to win 3-1 for your bet to win.

Handicap bets provide an excellent way to address risk-reward proposition. You are able to select outcomes:

  • That are highly likely to become true but with lower odds
  • That are less likely to come true but have high odds



Anytime Goal Scorer Bets

These soccer bets are placed on a player to score within the standard duration of the game that includes any injury time. When choosing these bets, it is important that you trust the most accurate football prediction for tomorrow matches. Some of the main features of this type of bet are as follows:

  • Your bet remains alive for the entire duration of the match
  • The player can score any time during the game
  • You can find odds associated with player in a match
  • The star scorers are most likely to score and are going to have lowest odds

Both Teams to Score Bets

Also referred to as BTTS, Both Teams to Score bets can be placed when you think that both the teams are going to score a goal. The best time to choose these bets is when you think that both teams will score in a match. It doesn’t matter how many goals that is. There is no need to predict the number of goals or the winner.

You can also choose to bet on variations of BTTS, but this makes it important to rely on expert football prediction for tomorrow matches. The most popular variations are as follows:

  • BTTS & Result: You will be betting on Both Teams to Score and on the outcome of the match.
  • BTTS in Both Halves: As the name suggests, you will be betting on both the teams to score in both the first and second half.
  • BTTS and Over/Under: You will be placing a bet on Both Teams to Score in the match and over/under a specific number of goals. Over/under 2.5 goals is usually the bet offered by most bookmakers.

There are many more soccer bets and you should look for expert football prediction for tomorrow matches before placing your bets. Some of other popular soccer markets include Correct Score, Draw No Bet, First Goal Scorer, Half-Time / Full-Time, and Over-Under.

If you want to increase your chances of winning on most of your bets, it is important to get the help professional tipsters. You should choose a reliable online platform that lists, rates, and ranks tipsters based on the performance of their past predictions. You should be able to evaluate their football prediction for tomorrow based on details like Hits, Number of Tips, Profits, ROI, Win, Push, and Fail. Evaluate all these factors before choosing tips from the experts.

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