How to Make the Most of Accumulator Bets?

If you want to bet on soccer and make big profits, it is important that you choose markets with high odds and high payouts. Accumulators provide some of the best odds for football punters. So what are accumulator bets and how can you make the most of them. Find out in this guide. Before you choose these bets, it is important that to rely on the best football prediction site in the world to increase your chances of winning.

What are Accumulator Bets?

Accumulator bets are also known as parlays and are widely popular among soccer punters because of the high payouts they offer. Each accumulator bet is a combination of multiple selections of bets into a single wager. It is essential to win all the selections to win this bet. This makes it hard to get all right and win this bet. This is the reason the odds are very high. In fact, the odds of each selection you make get multiplied. But this translates into very high payouts as well.

Before you start using accumulator bets, it is important to understand a few points:

  • Always keep in mind that football isn’t a highly predictable sport
  • Even heavily favored teams lose often
  • It is a big challenge to correctly predict the outcome of multiple soccer matches in a single wager
  • All this doesn’t prevent soccer punters from choosing accumulator bets
  • The best football prediction site in the world provide tips and predictions on this bet with high hit rates
  • Bettors are drawn by the appeal of the big payouts
  • Despite the difficulty in making correct predictions, these bets offer excellent value


How to Make Winning Accumulator Bets?

Now that you know about accumulator bets, you should follow certain tips to increase your chances of winning big payouts with these wagers.

1.      Assess Value in Each Single Bet

It is important to assess each single bet in an accumulator bet for value. You should be confident enough that you will win each bet. If you cannot do so yourselves you should rely on the best football prediction site in the world for expert tips. Many soccer punters will not consider this.

Keep in mind the following points:

  • When you consider placing any bet, the first step should be to determine value
  • If you don’t find any value in a bet, you should exclude it from the combination
  • Multiplication of odds don’t help in creating value

If you follow this tip, you will be able to make an accumulator bet with high chances of becoming correct.

2.      Make Fewer Selections

It is a common mistake by soccer punters to include too many selections in an accumulator. Most bettors do so with the aim of getting a big payout.

  • Odds become very high when you include many selections in a single accumulator
  • The chances of losing also increase at an exponential level
  • Even when you are including bets on the big favorites, there is a chance that one bet may not win
  • Including 3 to 4 selections in a single bet is considered optimal

It can be tempting to aim at a big payout, but it doesn’t mean that you should play with exponentially growing odds. When you make the optimal selections, you are able to set right balance between the size of the payout and the chances of winning. Make sure to follow the ‘value’ rule when adding even the 3 or 4 selections.

3.      Bet on Leagues & Teams You Know or Understand

This is the age-old rule of any kind of investment – invest or bet in things you understand.

  • A simple strategy is that accumulators including the big favorites have higher chances of winning regularly
  • This doesn’t mean that you should add the big favorites from leagues that you don’t follow
  • You cannot determine the value of bets involving leagues and teams you don’t know about

Accumulator bets are hard to get right even in the most obvious scenarios. Even when selecting the big favorites, you should rely on tips from the best football prediction site in the world to increase your chances of winning.



4.      Bet with Low Stakes

The amount of money you take on a soccer bet should depending on its odds. Avoid risking big stakes on accumulators. The fact that the payouts are high, means that even a small stake can help you earn some big returns. And with small stakes, your losses will not be big. This is a simple yet reasonable strategy when choosing these complicated bets where the odds get multiplied and increase exponentially.

5.      Pursue Profits

It is also important to treat your accumulator bets like any other soccer bets. You should pursue profits, not the number of wins. You should realize that even when an accumulator is made up of multiple single bets, it is eventually a single bet itself. Focus on how much you will be profiting when you win it. Consider whether the returns will exceed the stakes lost from the losing bets.

6.      The Basic Rule

So if you want to leverage the high payouts offered by these soccer bets, you should follow all the above-mentioned tips. The basic rule is to pursue value. Each single selection should be a winner. Since it is up to you to make the selections, you should search for the best selections even when it takes some time and effort. In fact, the best football prediction site in the world can make that task much simpler for you. So if you choose an accumulator of 3 folds, make sure that each one of those bets is a winner.

So it is important to follow all these tips if you want to make the most of accumulator bets in soccer. When looking to place your bets, you should compare different bookmakers. You should pursue better odds and look for special promotions and offers. Eventually, you should take the help of expert tips and predictions from the best football prediction site in the world to increase your chances of winning.

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