How do you determine a winning team in Soccer?

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The key to making a winning bet on football is the effective analysis of match using scientific and statistical methods. Every football fan with a little knowledge about the game can place bets and become a successful bettor. Football is one of the most popular and exciting games in the world which is not only immensely entertaining but also let its millions of fans to win some cash by placing bets.

Thinking out of the box is the great idea to determine the winning team in football. The best way to make money on this game is to make accurate predictions about the likely outcomes based on the odds offered by bookies. Punters can also choose the right football predictions sites and tipsters to find the outcome of a football match. The best prediction sites offer scientific football predictions for today, tomorrow and weekly matches using a variety of techniques.

How prediction sites make forecasts on matches?

Making true football predictions regarding the outcome of a football match is only possible with using some mathematical and scientific methods. It’s only a reliable football prediction site and an expert tipster which can provide you winning tips to determine the winning bet. Finding the genuine football tipster and prediction site is important that have a great track record of providing winning tips. They offer scientific football predictions for today and upcoming matches. Quantitative analysis is increasingly being used in this game to better understand the performance.

Science of winning football betting

There are various mathematical and scientific ways that rule this exciting and interesting game. Football is the game of numbers and statistical analysis is important to understand the goals. The statistics help its fans to analyze how their favorite teams and players are doing.



The top tipsters at football prediction sites provide the best tips and predictions on a wide range of soccer matches. Their main goal is engaging the bettors in the most profitable football betting. The important steps which the experts take to provide the scientific football predictions for today or upcoming matches are:

  • Latest news about the team and players
  • Studying the highlights of matches
  • Considering types of bets offered by bookies with high priority
  • Taking multiple factors in account including team and players form, latest matches of teams and their results, and more

How the top prediction sites make winning predictions?

The expert tipsters carry out a thorough research and analysis to provide the best and winning predictions. Let’s go through the some common variables and methods used by top tipsters to provide scientific football predictions for today matches:



  1. Form of team and players: This is considerably the most important factor which can trump all other strategies. It doesn’t matter how a particular team has played in the last football season , if it is in winning streak now and beating the big teams, then they are most likely to win the upcoming football match. The best prediction sites evaluate the performances of both the teams and its players in last few matches to make the prediction about the winning team. They also take in account the fitness level of the key players playing in the team. The expert tipsters offer scientific football predictions for today and upcoming matches based on multiple methods and statistics.
  2. How important is the match for a team to win: This is another important aspect that will let you determine the winning team and their performance at the match. It is better to check the fixture calendar of both teams and if the key players are playing the match or not. Check for the matches where the top players were not playing and how the team has scored. This can have a significant impact on the outcome of match. Apart from this, the team facing demotion in their previous match will also try to deliver extra-ordinary performance.
  3. Location of match: This is an important factor which is taken into consideration by the top tipsters and sites offering scientific football predictions for today and the upcoming matches. Sometimes, a team playing away is not going to work well at the same level as it performed on the home ground. That’s why match location is important and it affects the performance of both the teams.
  4. Head to head games: In addition to the form of both teams and players, the top prediction sites also consider the details of previous matches held between them. The experts also assess how well the teams are playing with each other and what are their relations. If one side is winning maximum of matches, then chances are that they will win the upcoming match too.

These are some important factors on which top tipsters rely to provide the best scientific football predictions for today’s matches. This will help you to get complete information about the winning team and goals scored.

Finding the right prediction site

After analyzing the above factors, it’s time to choose the football prediction site offering the most reliable and genuine predictions based on data.  If you are looking for the best possible ways to place a winning bet, then registering with the best prediction site offering scientific football predictions for today and upcoming matches will be of great help. The tips offered by them are genuine and cover all the biggest markets to increase your chances of winning. They provide detailed analysis of every match across different football leagues and competitions. There are numerous benefits of getting expert tips which will let you win and gives you time to select the right bet based on scientific methods.

If you really want to win at your betting, then you must start with a popular and major football league like English Premier League, Champions League etc. based on your current knowledge about the teams. Shortlist the best 5 matches scheduled for the upcoming week and start extracting the stats. Apart from this, follow the profitable betting systems


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