What is the Draw No Bet & What are its Advantages?

When it comes to soccer betting, it is recommended to pursue straightforward and simple bets with lower odds. This is at least what beginners are almost always recommended. You can always rely on today’s football predict from expert tipsters to improve your chances of winning. There are many simple bets with low odds that can benefit you in the long term. The Draw No Bet wager is one such example. It is relatively safe and easy to understand and you can always find helpful predictions.

Find out what Draw No Bets are, when you should use them, and what their advantages are.


What is a Draw No Bet in Soccer?

The Draw No Bet option offers 2 selections. You will be betting on one of the teams to win in a match. As the name suggests, it is not possible to bet on a ‘draw’. The good thing in your favor is that if the outcome is a draw, your stake is returned to you. The bet gets cancelled if a draw occurs.

How Does this Bet Work?

This type of bet has slightly better odds compared to double chance. The chances of losing money are lower and with the help of expert todays football predict, you can almost always ensure a win.

  • If you bet on a home team, who are the favorites, and if they win the match, your bet wins
  • If the match ends in a draw, the be gets cancelled
  • If the home team loses, you lose your bet




When to Use Draw No Bet?

It is recommended to use this bet in the following scenarios to increase your odds of winning:

  • When you want to bet on an away team
  • When there is a very high chance of a draw
  • If the big favorite is likely to lose

If you cannot find these bets for a game with your bookmaker, you can consider the following alternatives.

  • Asian Handicap 0: This is an excellent alternative if you cannot find Draw Not Bet. You can place an Asian Handicap (AH 0) bet on the side that you believe is highly likely to win.
  • Bet on Draw: You can place a bet on Home or Away win and then an additional bet on Draw for the same amount divided by the odds of draw.

Advantages of Choosing Draw No Bets

The main advantages of placing Draw No Bets in soccer are as follows:


1.      Multiple Profitable Possibilities

You shouldn’t place Draw No Bet on all matches you intend to bet on. It is perfect for those matches when the outcome will be based on margins. It is also recommended when the game is even and the teams would offer bad-value bets.



2.      Keep Your Deposits Safe

Another benefit of choosing these bets along with expert todays football predict is that it can help in protecting your deposit. When it comes to soccer betting, it is always beneficial if you choose bets that give you very high chance of making some returns in multiple scenarios. That is exactly what this type of bet does.

If you are familiar with the league and teams and are certain that a certain side is going to win, you can choose this bet. At the same time, soccer is a game of uncertainty. Even a small team can put up a good fight against a big favorite. This further increases the chances of a match ending up in a draw. All this means that your chances of getting a return, either in the form of a win or a draw, are good.

Draw No Bet is considered to provide some level of insurance to bettors if things don’t turn out the way you expect them to be. It is likely that the star striker on the opposition’s roster who was injured may have decided to play at the last hour. He may score a late equalizer and protect your stake with a draw.



3.      Protection against Counter Attackers

Another advantage of choosing the right combination of Draw No Bet and accurate todays football predict is the protection it provides against counter attackers. This can be best comprehended from the following example:

Leicester City was the Premier League champion in 2015-16. They played under immense pressure before counter attacking. The roster comprised of young players who were quite fast. They were able to play fast and find space without having lots of possession. During the later part of the season, the team was able to show consistently the ability to return from losing positions with late goals. They were able to secure draws when the opposition showed signs of tiring and gave away open space.




4.      Benefit Betting on Defensive Teams

You can also choose these soccer bets when you consider betting on defensive teams.

  • A defensive team is highly likely to adopt a unique strategy against teams which are much more skilled
  • Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Arsenal, and Manchester United are considered technically better teams than most of their opponents
  • When they play against defensive teams, Draw No Bet can seem to be an excellent choice

Even if the defensive team doesn’t win, there is a very high chance that the game ends up in a draw.

So you should use the Draw No Bet market in the following situations:

  • If you want to place a stake on the winning team but know that it is going to be a close match.
  • If you are certain that one team is going to win, you can take advantage of the better odds from the Full Time Result bet.

Since there is always an element of uncertainty in football, even in games with big favorites, it is important that you seek the assistance of expert tipsters. You should rely on todays football predict to make the right choices and increase your chances of winning and making more profits. It is always recommended to pursue long-term profits and look for predictions and bets that generate returns.

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