A Complete Guide To Choosing A Good Football Tipster

Soccer betting is a very popular form of sport betting and the bookies, tipsters and the punters capitalise on this popularity. While the bookies control the odds and exert an influence over the whole betting scenario, the punters try to make money by outdoing them and the tipsters aid them in doing so. Thus, the tipsters for football play a very important role which has the potency to change the whole dynamics of the game.


Define football tipster

In order to understand how the whole betting scenario is set to play out in a particular game, there are three things that a punter needs to know:

  • The advantages and disadvantages each playing team has
  • The betting odds decided by the bookies and
  • The advice of a good and trustworthy tipster.

While the first point needs some home work on the part of the punter, the third is the more vital information which the punter receives. It is also this information which when corroborated with the facts and figures that a punter has, helps him place winning bets.

Thus, the tipsters for football can simply be said to be people who exchange valuable information regarding an ongoing or upcoming game of soccer for a fee.



Work of a tipster

The work of the tipster seems to be very simple but it is in fact quite difficult and painstaking. This is because the reputation of the tipster defines his success as well as the rates that he can command. In order to attain these tipsters for football have to:

  • Ensure a good winning percentage,
  • Enable better returns on investment and
  • Be able to show a good average in profit making over a specific period of time.

Thus, the main work of tipsters for football is to nudge the punter towards bets likely to have best winning potential irrespective of the value of the same by:

  • Critically analysing the individual team statistics,
  • Maintaining the team equations with each other and their performance in previous games played together,
  • Taking a note of the current team formations and changes, if any, and their effect on the performance of the team as a whole,
  • Keeping an eye of the team dynamics including any recent psychological impacts that they had to deal with either individually or as a team in the recent past,
  • The conditions of the ground where the match is being played, the predicted weather conditions on the day of the match and home-ground advantage, if any and
  • Tracking the odds set by the bookies and their movements subsequent to the same.

There are also some tipsters for football who are privy to certain inside information which is not generally available to the public. This inside information is powerful enough to enable punters to make a good profit. A tipster is thus an irritant factor for the bookies as they provide punters with the means to outperform the bookmakers.


Choosing a good tipster

Traditionally tipsters would either barter trade tips but now most of them operate with the help of websites, some of which are free and some require a subscription to register. But it is the choice of the tipsters for football which ultimately decides the success of the punters. Hence, this choice needs to be made only after analysing the tipster’s performance on the basis of the following points:

  • Returns on investment: Reputed tipsters will always keep a track of their winning tips and the return on investment that these tips have facilitated for the punters. These statistics are generally available with all good and authentic tipsters and needs to be analysed before finalising on the same. All tipsters for football who have been able to deliver an ROI of 5% or above are good at their jobs and thus make a choice.


  • Strike rate: This refers to that percentage of bet selections which have delivered wins. This also includes those each-way bets and winnings which have produced good returns from the placed selections. Thus it is always recommended that a punter go through the tipster’s archives individually to understand the recommended betting types and their odds.




  • Bets placed per month: It is also very important to know the average number of selections tipsters for football make per month. Based on this the punter is able to understand whether the tipster recommends 1 bet per day or many bets per day on an average. If a punter prefers a selective approach, he should opt for tipsters who recommend 1 bet per day else they should opt for those who deal with many bet selections per day.


  • Profit margin: This is the ultimate selection criteria for most punters. The average profits that betting tipsters for football make in a month is also given on their respective websites. But this should never be considered to be the sole criteria for selection since the strike rate, the ROI generated and the bets placed per month by them should also be given equal importance.


  • Type of information: Tipsters generally equip punters with two types of information. Some just mention the bet selection that they think have a chance to make money while there are others who provide a detailed analysis for the same. The choice of the tipster, thus, also depends on the type of information that the punter is looking at. While some punters are happy with just knowing the selections, there are others who need a justification of the same.


  • Costs involved: As mentioned earlier, tipsters for football charge a fee for the tips provided and this based on their success rate. The more successful a tipster is in ensuring winning selections, the higher are the fees charged. Thus, the punter also has to understand the type of budget that he is willing to invest in paying the tipsters and choose tipsters accordingly.

It is always better for the punter to go along with tipsters for football who provide a free trial period. By availing of the same, the punter will be able to judge the tipster and understand if he has a good strike rate and is able to offer good ROI. This enables the punter to make correct choices and invest wisely in choosing a good and trustworthy tipster.

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