Who Is The Best Football Tipster In The World?

Soccer betting offers endless opportunities for you to generate big returns on your wagers. However, betting on soccer and winning consistently and generating consistent profits can be a challenge for even the greatest of soccer fans that follows their favorite teams religiously. This is why it is important to let the experts make the predictions while you can benefit by making the profits. So how do you choose the best football tipster in the world?

If you want to engage in profitable soccer betting, it is important to choose best football tipster in the world. It would be difficult to determine who the best analyst in the world can be. However, you can look for certain signs to tell who can be the best tipster for you. Every punter is different in their betting style and preferences. This further makes it difficult to put the tag of the ‘best tipster’ on any one single professional. Every soccer bettor will have their own best analyst to help them win with their favorite leagues, teams, and betting markets.

Verifying Soccer Betting Tips

When you buy soccer predictions and tips from tipsters, it is important to verify them. The following tips should help you verify and ascertain the best football tipster in the world for you.

i. Win Rate

Start by checking the win rate of the tipsters. The ideal experts will have high strike rate. Look for professionals who have a strike rate of over 80%. A higher percentage means that there is a very high chance that their predictions will come true. Anything above 90% win rate sets a unique standard. It is hard to come across tipsters who have genuine strike rate of over 90%.



This is a crucial factor to find the best football tipster in the world. So you should take it seriously.

  • Analyze the win rate and the value against each tip
  • Compare the winnings and losses and calculate the percentage of correct bets
  • This should help you verify whether they are providing accurate win rates or not

It is also important to check the statistics if that covers a long period of time. You should choose a tipster that has demonstrated success over a long period of time. You don’t want to be betting on soccer based on the predictions of someone who has recently entered a winning streak.

ii. Feedback from Clients

A reliable soccer prediction site should list the feedbacks against each and every tipster listed and ranked on their pages. It should not be difficult for you to find and read these feedbacks. You can determine whether a tipster delivers on what their stats promise based on the reviews received by soccer bettors just like you. It is equally important to check and ensure that that reviews are genuine. This can mostly be detected from the language used in the feedbacks.

iii. Tipster’s Profile

Reputed soccer prediction sites are certainly going to provide some details on the profile of the tipsters listed by them. It is recommended to check these profiles to gain further information about the experts.

  • Check the profile to learn about the experience and knowledge possessed by the professional
  • The best football tipster in the world would have been in the soccer betting industry for a very long time
  • Look for any mention of specialization in the league or leagues that you are interested in

As mentioned above, the best football tipster in the world for one punter will be different from that for another one. If an expert is specialized in a league of your interest and meets all the above-mentioned points, you may have just found the right tipster for you to follow on a consistent basis.

iv. Guarantees

The best football tipster in the world is certainly going to back their predictions and tips with some sort of guarantees. Make sure to read the terms and conditions, if any, to determine if the analyst has created some loopholes for escape if their tips don’t work. The guarantee, whether in the form of another tip or money back offer, should be clear and concise without any terms.

v. Detailed Explanation

When looking for the best experts, it is also important to analyze the explanations they provide to back their tips and predictions. The explanation behind each prediction provides you valuable insights:

  • How much research they have done to come up with the predictions?
  • What betting system they may have used?
  • Whether their system is reliable and can you follow it?

The right tipsters will always provide clear and regular detailing when advising their clients. If they try to make things obscure, you should look for another expert.


Do Your Research

While you consider the above-mentioned points, it is also important to do some in-depth research to find the perfect tipster. When you follow the predictions and tips of such an expert, you are investing your hard-earned money based on another person’s words.

There are many betting tipsters who make claims of making huge profits every week. You cannot just trust anyone for their words. One way to verify the claims of such experts is to check the reputation of the websites they are listed in.

Check Soccer Prediction Websites

Look for the soccer betting sites and their top-ranked tipsters based on their performances. You should not only evaluate the success rate of these experts based on the stats available in these websites, but also the reputation of these sites. It is highly likely that you can find reviews of these websites from other punters who have used their services in finding the best football tipster in the world.

Once you have determined the reputation of these sites, you should evaluate the different ranking factors used to list the tipsters. Some of these key factors include:

  • Number of tips
  • Odds
  • Hits Percentage
  • Wins
  • Draws/Pushes
  • Fails
  • Profits
  • Yield%

These sites will typically rank the best football tipster in the world based on their Hits Rate, Yield% and Wins.

So make sure to take all these steps when looking for the best football tipster in the world.


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