How to Make Accurate Weekend Football Tips?

When your favorite soccer league or championship is in season, you would be looking for weekend football tips. At, we bring you expert tips for all the popular leagues and tournaments from around the world. Whether it is the EPL, La Liga or Copa America, our experienced tipsters create wining tips to ensure that you end every season with the desired profits.


How Do We Make Our Weekend Football Tips?

We have a large community of soccer experts who are specialized different leagues, tournaments, or continents. Our tipsters evaluate many factors when creating these tips and explanations.

Find out which factors are taken into account for coming up with our weekend football tips:

i. Team Forms

Our experts will assess the current form of both the sides in the match. Some of the principles that work with regard to this factor are as follows:

  • We take into account 5 to 6 of the latest fixtures of each team
  • There is the most emphasis on the last 2 matches of each side
  • This evaluation provides indication about the current form of the teams
  • We check the goals scored, results, goals conceded, opportunities created, and possession statistics

ii. Home/Away Impact

Our experts also take into account the impact of the field on the teams when making the weekend football tips.

  • Most teams are not going to perform at the same level in away games as in their home games
  • The field also affects the tactics used by each side. For example, the away team is highly likely to play defensive and within its half and takes chances only in the form of counter-attacks.

Thus, our tips can help you determine the outcome of the match or the results of other types of betting markets.




iii. Players’ Forms

When it comes to evaluating forms, it is not just the team form that matters. The forms of the key players also matter in determining how the match is going to turn out.

  • The current performances of the key players get evaluated
  • The fitness levels of the players are checked
  • If a club’s best striker has had a dry spell in the last 5 to 6 matches, it can mean that the club is not likely to score high in the upcoming match

A match is also affected by the poor or good forms of other players including defenders, midfielders, forwards, and goalkeeper.

iv. Player Suspensions or Injuries

Next, we evaluate the squad that will be playing in the match on each side. If suspensions or injuries have caused one or more key players to stay out of the squad, it is a big factor influencing the outcome of the match.

Our tipsters are constantly looking for latest news related to upcoming matches to stay up-to-date with this information. This is a very big factor affecting our weekend football tips. Usually, teams make advance announcements about their players not being able to play in an upcoming match. However, there are times when such announcements are made too late. Access to consider information gives our tipsters the edge when it comes to covering such news.

v. Latest Head-to-Head Records

Many times, there are clear trends in the outcomes of the matches between the two sides. If one side has been winning consistently for some time, it can create a psychological effect for both the sides. Our experts evaluate this factor for weekend football tips using the following points:

  • Each club’s previous results
  • The results are evaluated against the same side and against others
  • The emotional factors surrounding the match are also taken into account. For example, both sides may be traditional rivals. It can be a derby or both sides may play aggressive soccer.

vi. True Odds

There are all types of online sources that provide their own odds for each match and its betting markets. At, our experts evaluate the true odds of an event occurring. Our weekend football tips are based on these actual odds which are determined based on the value of each bet.

  • When you have decided your prediction, it will be required to assess the odds set by the bookies for your bet
  • Determining the odds help you know if the prediction will return value
  • This depends on the likely profits that will be made from the bet

This is where our experts can help in estimating the accurate odds.



vii. Team Schedules

Our weekend football tips are also created by taking both teams’ current schedule into account. In other words, we evaluate the timing of the game while considering the schedules of both the sides.

  • Clubs can play in different leagues and championships during a season
  • Our tipsters check the fixture calendars of both the sides
  • One or both sides may have domestic or international matches in the line up
  • The teams are highly likely to rest their key players for an approaching bigger game

Such a factor can have a huge influence on how each side may perform in a given match.


Our Community of Soccer Tipsters

You can find both daily and weekend football tips from our experts throughout the season. Our community of tipsters comprise of experts who have been betting on, winning, and providing tips on different leagues. This community also comprises of specialists who know everything that there is about specific leagues and tournaments.

Each one of our tipster is ranked based on the hit rate percentage of their tips. You can check valuable statistics related to their performances over the years. We provide professional forecasts for many active competitions on a weekly and daily basis. All the different variables and factors are evaluated that can have different levels of impact on the outcome of the match. You can gain insights from our weekly tips on the bets that need more attention and the highlights.

So, if you want to win regularly and make profits every month and every season, you have come to the right place. Our weekend football tips help you win consistently by betting on the leagues and tournaments you are interested in.

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