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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Professional Betting

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The profession of a professional bettor can often be seen as a dream when viewed from the outside and not lived directly. We will like to know about the main advantages as well as the disadvantages of soccer betting. Indeed, as in any activity, this job is clearly not for everyone and you will soon understand why. Even pro football tipsters who provide football predictions and statistics for other bettors became successful because they already know one or two things about the game.

                The benefits of being a professional bettor

First, Lets take a look at the three main elements that probably encouraged some professional bettors to start betting on soccer.

Significant financial gains

The first and major element is MONEY.

It must be understood in fact that the main difficulty in sports betting is to become a winner in the long run. When you get there, winning more depends only on one thing: bet more! And so it depends only on the amount of your bankroll.

Thus, some professional bettors go up to earn tens of thousands of dollars per month with football tips and predictions. It can be quite hard to believe, but it’s a reality. Money is the number 1 reason that pushes a lot of individuals to become professional bettors.


This could also be easily the number one because the freedom that this job provides is something as important as money.

A pro bettor to work only needs a computer and an internet connection. From there it is possible to work from anywhere on the planet. For individuals who are still starting out, getting Trial Football Bet Tips with Tipster is not a bad idea.

There is also some freedom in terms of work schedule and organization of one’s life. The constraints are quite small and we can work rather in the evening or rather in the morning according to his preferences.

An exciting job

This job is from a very fascinating point of view. But of course, it will not be for everyone.

If you love sports, numbers, and also very passionate about finance, then it means you’ll find betting on soccer interesting.

Of course, if you do not have a particular passion for the sport, you’ll find it very hard to adapt. You will never be able to blossom in a job whose subject of study does not fascinate you. We’ve got to realize that you cannot work only for money and freedom. It’s not enough to last in the long run. The few hours of boredom without getting tired when you work will also be the reason for your motivation and even if you keep a few years, you will surely be successful in this industry

Almost all pros bettors are passionate about sports, and they also practice. They all like more or less the numbers too.

The disadvantages of the profession of pro bettor

Now, let’s see the disadvantages that can be found in this business because there are anyway and they are quite important. They will be so important that it makes this job impossible for some people.

A fluctuating salary

A professional bettor makes money by betting on games. He will win sometimes and also lose sometimes. 0n the long run, he will win more times than he loses and that will allow him to generate more profits. However, his earnings are subject to some luck in the short term.

This is the reason why if a pro bettor wins, for example, $60k over a year, he will not earn exactly $5000 per month. It will have months of  $15000 gains and months to -$5000 for example.

It requires a good management of your money and your bankroll to anticipate the periods when we will not earn money and the periods when we will even lose.


This is an element we never think about and which is a disadvantage that can become major over time. Most professional bettors work alone from home. It is an element that can clearly bring about discouragement and make this work no longer fulfills us.

However, it’s solutions obviously exist. It is possible to get together among pros bettors in the same city for example. If it is not possible to regroup at the pro level, then you have to set up things in your life that allow you to go out every day from home and meet other people. Among other things we can do a sports activity outside, go out with friends, be part of an association etc. The goal is to have a fulfilling social life.

A challenging job

Professional betting is a profession that can become very difficult and very difficult mentally if you do not take enough perspective.

Indeed, as I said earlier, short-term results fluctuate depending on luck. The trap in which many punters fall is to focus too much on the results in the short term. Thus, it is not uncommon in general to be in a very good mood when the results of the day are good and to be almost depressed when they have been bad, and we lost our bet.

There is a very important work of detachment to do on short-term results so as not to be affected by the results of the day, the week or even the month and that they are good or bad.

The risk if you do not detach yourself from the results and make the emotional roller coaster everyday. It can become very stressful and bring stress and fatigue that will be very harmful in the long run.

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