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Recommended Soccer Bets for Today Most Sure Games

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Match-day Betting Guide – How to Place Bets on The Most Sure Games


Building an effective strategy for betting on soccer games can be extremely challenging. Most punters don’t have the time or resources to analyze every little detail going into a game. Instead of looking up the top recommended soccer bets for today and blindly trusting a third party, betting on your own terms, on the basis of your own analysis, is far more pleasing.

Even if you do create a strategy, that doesn’t mean that you’ll make all the right calls on the recommended soccer bets for today. Continually updating your plan and considering every little detail is vital for getting your bets right on a match day. Here’s a complete guide on the various types of preparation that you cannot ignore. These strategies won’t make you an instant winner, but they will equip you with the tools needed to be a successful punter in the long-term.


Evaluate Frequency of Goals Scored, Instead of Average

Inexperienced or outdated punters often calculate their recommended soccer bets for today based on the average goals scored by the teams.

  • Placing an over 2.5 goals bet on a team that scores around 2.5 goals per game on an average seems safe. Wrong!
  • For example, Manchester City this season has a goal per match average of 2.43. They also concede 1.11 goals per game. Does that mean their games will always involve over 2.5 goals? No!
  • Thus, the pertinent question you should be asking is – in how many games were Manchester City involved where the score was over 2.5 goals?
  • In fact, results seeing over 2.5 goals in a season were relatively rare this season. Manchester City has only been involved in 20 games, which saw over 2.5 goals this season.



Their average stats are misleading because they have scored eight goals in one game and six in another! Your evaluation of the recommended soccer bets for today shouldn’t be based on the knee-jerk analysis. It should be based on the bigger picture!

Check the Team News

One or two days before the match day, all soccer team managers are required to address the media and inform them about injuries.

  • Make sure to catch the highlights of these press conferences.
  • Check whether or not any key player is missing.
  • Some managers can be extremely frustrating as they tell the media something and do something else while making their team sheets. While assessing the recommended soccer bets for today, take into this unpredictability into account as well.

John Lundstram from Sheffield United, for instance, has been a goal-scoring threat even from the defense. But, he hasn’t started most of his last ten games! Mangers like Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola too have a knack of resting key players unannounced.

Keep an eye on the upcoming fixtures of the team you’re betting on. Is there a possibility that key players will be rested? The fate of recommended soccer bets for today relies on the frequency of games as well. Managers tend to rest key players before midweek games.

Check how the main substitutes perform. Are the substitutes’ seasoned players, or are they youngsters from the academy? Don’t underestimate either! If you don’t have the time to check all these stats, take the assistance of helpful websites such as Verified Soccer Tipster. Bookmark this website and keep checking for updates!

Long-Term and Short-Term Performance

To get the correct assessment of the recommended soccer bets for today, you must consider both the long-term and short-term performance of both the teams. For instance, in the upcoming Russian Premier League match featuring Zenit St Petersburg and Ural, the key long-term and short-term statistics that you should consider includes –

Overall Season Statistics 

  • Zenit has 14 wins out of 21.
  • Ural has only six wins.

Recent Match Statistics 

  • Zenit has recorded three wins and two draws in their last five games.
  • Ural has recorded three draws, one win, and one loss.
  • Both teams are averaging a goal of under 1 in their last five games.

So, form these long and short-term statistics, you can clearly see an easy Zenit win. Since both teams have been underscoring of late, it is highly unlikely that the game will end up with over 2.5 goals.



To recap, here are the key statistics that you must consider when evaluating the recommended soccer bets for today –

  • Check the statistics of the team’s home and away performance for the season
  • Check the home and away performance of the last five matches
  • What were the results of their previous matchups?
  • Check the prices offered from the same fixture last season.
  • Is it a derby game?
  • How much have the teams improved or deteriorated since their last matchup?

The main objective is to find a strategy of analyzing long and short-term performance that suits you so that you can place bets with complete confidence. Although it may take one or two seasons for you to master this process, success is inevitable if you keep repeating this process of analysis.

Stay Away from Big Score Predictions

Unless you’re fully convinced of the outcome, stay away from multi-bets or parlays. Know when not to bet these big score Football predictions. Even if these bets have the potential to secure big paydays, unless your analysis of the recommended soccer bets for today is based on actual value, betting big every week is a terrible habit!

Here are the goals you need to set for every match-day if you plan on betting seriously –

  • Think long term
  • Consistently develop your betting bankroll
  • Build a personal strategy
  • Keep repeating this strategy
  • Make constant improvements to your plans
  • Gradually increase the amount on your bets

Betting is similar to investing. Focus on the long-term marathon, not the short-term sprints. Keep honing your strategy and make your own predictions on the recommended soccer bets for today. Deal with swings, winning and losing streaks with grace. It may take some time for your betting bankroll to grow, but soon, you’ll be picking up a fantastic exponential dynamic.

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