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What is the Most Accurate Football Prediction Site in Europe?

Countless football prediction websites are promising to offer accurate prediction services. However, trusting them can be a tricky affair. As a punter, you must assess the performance of each website with an open mind. But, there are so many individual tipsters around who to trust? Football Tipster has solved this issue with aplomb. Their platform is home to some of the most renowned football predictors in the world. Doing so has indeed given them the crown of being the most accurate football prediction site.

How Does Football Tipster Help Aspiring Punters?

Unlike other football score prediction sites that post unverified predictions, Football Tipster takes out this clouded nature of sharing tips out of the equation. Each Tipster on the platform is responsible for his/her shared tips. Punters can directly purchase their predictions from the Tipsters. No facts/statistics are hidden or altered. Any win or loss is public. Although the Tipsters on the platform aren’t always 100% right, their predictions are still based on comprehensive statistics. Since the top Tipsters from all around the world are present on this platform, it truly is the most accurate football prediction site

How to Use Verified Soccer Tips?

  • Assess all the tipsters on Football Tipster.
  • Pick one based on their track record, statistics, etc.
  • The experienced admins of the website thoroughly verify all listed tipsters.
  • The website is built on meritocracy. The better a tipster performs, the more traction his/her listing receives.
  • Follow the instruction provided by your chosen Tipster.
  • Place your bets. Specify the details of the bets based on the stakes recommended by the Tipster.
  • Start earning on match-days using this accurate football prediction site.



Are the Tipsters Trustworthy? 

All Tipsters on Football Tipster site are required to go through a strict vetting process. These tipsters first have to prove their validity for three months before they become a verified contributor to the website. No one can simply sign up and expect to become a tipster. Since 2013, Football Tipster have supervised over 200,000 tips! Low-quality tipsters are immediately chucked out as soon as there’s a complaint from the community.

How Do Tipsters Become Successful?

Being a Tipster on Verified Soccer Tips, the most accurate football prediction site is not easy. Although successful Tipsters can make a lot of money helping other punters along the way, there’s a ton of hard work involved in their processes. Here’s a brief outline of the strategies used by top Tipsters –

They use practical and cutting-edge statistical algorithms when estimating the likely results of football matches. They examine the strengths/weaknesses of the two teams, taking in factors such as-

  • Team chemistry
  • Form of key players from both teams
  • The conversion rate of the strikers from both teams
  • Number of penalties conceded by each team
  • The recent form of both the teams
  • Injuries/Suspensions
  • Performances of the main substitutes in the team
  • Expected goals (xG) of each player
  • Expected goals in the game
  • Home and Away statistics
  • Results in previous games
  • Long-term and short-term results

Detailed Statistical Analysis

After intense research into the past and present data of both the teams, the Tipsters come up with statistical possibilities that are most likely to dictate a match. For instance, if a Tipster sees that the striker from the Home team has had an average of 10 touches inside the box, he or she will not directly assume that the striker will score a goal. The Tipster will also consider other statistics of the striker, such as shots on goal, conversion rate, etc. Only the most accurate football prediction site can provide you with such detailed statistical analysis.

Insured Service 

Another factor that makes Football Tipster the most accurate football prediction site is the fact that their service is completely insured. In 2013, the website was plagued with fake tipsters. Since then, the website has taken strong measures against illicit tipsters.



All Authentic Tipsters are required to keep a safety deposit of $20,000 with the website. Verified Soccer Tips terms this deposit as compulsory protection fees. In case the information/services provided by Tipster turns out to be fraudulent, or if the Tipster cheats you in any way, all customers will be covered for up to $20,000.

Bear in mind; you are not paying Football Tipster. The website does not sell predictions or tips. The site only acts as a verifier of Tipsters. All the Tipsters on the platform are verified. Their service information is safely recorded in the website’s platform. All vital financial data is encrypted with passwords. The site serves as an expert middleman between you and a verified Tipster.

Why Trust Tipsters?

Countless people tend to rely on their gut feeling while placing bets. But, there’s a lot of risks involved in making unanalyzed predictions. You should trust Tipsters on the Verified Soccer Tips platform because –

  • Their predictions are based on thorough research You can find tipsters on the platform who have a +90% success rate. How do they achieve this? Professional Tipsters have strict analysis models which they use to correctly predict the outcomes of games. Since they do it professionally, they are always updated about every little detail concerning European football games.
  • Diversify Your Bets With the Football Tipster platform, you have the chance to diversify your bets. Why bet only on the couple of leagues you watch on the television? Diversify your options to maximize your chances of winning. With the help of the Tipsters on this platform, you can bet on virtually all European football competitions such as the English Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and leagues from every other continent! You can also bet on competitions being held in Asia and the Americas. Earn from all over the world with the help of this accurate football prediction site.
  • Get the complete Package – Being the most accurate football prediction site online, Football Tipster provides you with a wide range of bets. Be it betting tips, calculating the correct scores, match odds, or prediction on the first scorers; you can get it all on this platform!

There aren’t many accurate football prediction sites for you to choose from. Football Tipster is in a league of its own!


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