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5 Tipsters Which Has the Best Strike Rate

5 Tipsters Which Has the Best Strike Rate

Soccer is a very dynamic game. The action on the field keeps changing the outcome of an event every minute. Thus, soccer betting is nail-biting and incites an adrenaline rush that is unlike any other sports betting event. This makes soccer betting extremely popular the world over.

However, winning against bookmakers is not easy. To ensure a win, punters have to choose well and bet well. They also need the help and guidance of soccer tipsters. With their expert panel, a huge database of statistics and historical data, tipsters are best equipped to enable a punter to place a winning bet.

How to increase your chances and make the best of soccer betting Predictions?

Yet everything depends on the choice of the tipster. The strike rate is an important criterion to look into when making this choice. There are other factors involved like experience, percentage of wins and losses, ROI, etc., but tipsters with good strike rates generally fulfill all the other criteria as well.

High Strike Rate Tipsters

Soccer Tipster KingView ProfileAdd to CompareSince 07/01/2015LEVEL OF THE TIPSTERS1720 TIPS378.41%Yield+65,086.73Profit in units1515Number of wins2.18Average OddsFull StatisticEAST FIFEvsDUNDEE UNITEDW P W W W Period 1 Match 1 Match EUR450   SERVICE TYPEHT Over/UnderADD TO CART
Ivan MillsView ProfileAdd to CompareSince 06/01/2015LEVEL OF THE TIPSTERS1754 TIPS372.62%Yield+65,356.75Profit in units1546Number of wins2.19Average OddsFull StatisticGREMIOvsLDU DE QUITOW W W W W Period 1 Match 1 Match EUR575   SERVICE TYPEAsian HandicapADD TO CART
Professional Soccer TipsterView ProfileAdd to CompareSince 07/01/2015LEVEL OF THE TIPSTERS1726 TIPS372.20%Yield+64,240.93Profit in units1552Number of wins2.20Average OddsFull StatisticMYPAvsJAEPSW W W W W Period 1 Match 1 Match EUR450   SERVICE TYPEOver/UnderADD TO CART
Jack Jr KennyView ProfileAdd to CompareSince 05/01/2015LEVEL OF THE TIPSTERS1748 TIPS382.88%Yield+66,928.16Profit in units1540Number of wins2.18Average OddsFull StatisticRAPID WIENvsSPARTA PRAGUEW W W W W Period 1 Match 1 Match EUR528   SERVICE TYPEHT 1X2 Fixed OddsADD TO CART
Phillip MorrisView ProfileAdd to CompareSince 10/01/2016LEVEL OF THE TIPSTERS1408 TIPS83.91%Yield+11,814.60Profit in units1052Number of wins2.23Average OddsFull StatisticPANAMAvsGRENADAW W W W W Period 1 Match 1 Match EUR199   SERVICE TYPEHT Over/UnderADD TO CART

What is the strike rate of a soccer tipster?

Typically, the winning rate of a tipster is known as his strike rate. Thus, the higher the strike rate the quicker will be the rate at which the bank grows. A tipster with a lower strike rate might give the same ROI but its bank growth will be slower.

Collaborating with a tipster with a high strike rate also means that punters place more winning bets and experience shorter losing runs. Punters associated with tipsters with lower strike rates will have long losing runs. 

Thus, the strike rate is an important criterion to consider when choosing to collaborate with soccer tipsters.

Which are the top 5 tipsters that have a good strike rate?

Understanding the type of tipsters required should make it easier to find the ideal tipster for a punter. But in reality, finding a good tipster with a high strike rate is challenging and requires a lot of research.

The list given below hopes to make this easier for the punter by naming the top 5 tipsters with high strike rates.

  1. Short Odds Football Tipster:Sporting a strike rate of 47.5%, this tipster has an impressive track record of profit-making consistency. They have a high ROI with short and sharp losing runs. For punters looking for a stable easy-to-follow tipster, the Short Odds Football Tipster is the ideal tipster to follow. They stand to make higher profits by taking the Compound Staking approach with this tipster.
  2. Asian Handicap Football Tipster: Asian Handicap football betting offers an opportunity for high-strike rate punting. Here bookmakers trade to very small margins and this opens up opportunities for punters. Asian handicap Football Tipster has performed exceedingly well in these markets and has a strike rate of 53.52% with an ROI of 9.63%.This makes it an excellent choice as a soccer tipster for punters wanting to operate in these markets.
  3. GetMyBet.com: This private tips club is owned by Lukas Huber. He is a well-known European soccer tipster with over 20years of experience. The strike rate stands at 79.31%. This strike rate is powerful enough to enable punters to build a good bankroll. Tips for all major leagues are available here. The USP of this tipster website is that while other soccer tipsters tend to analyse and make predictions for all matches taking place, this website only concentrates on those matches that hold value.
  4. Very Short Odds Football Tipster: The formulation of a unique betting strategy has enabled this tipster to have an incredible strike rate of 79.38%. Having such a high rate means that almost 4 out of 5 predictions made have churned up winning bets. Thus, they not only have a high strike rate, but they also enable punters to make a clear profit.
  5. Asian Top Tips.com: Built by the famous tipster Oliver Marlow, this website has a win rate of 82.14%. Besides offering winning tips, this website also has very responsive customer support. This makes it perfect for beginners and experienced punters to collaborate with.

Other tipsters also have a high strike rate like www.footballtipster.net . Choosing a tipster with a high strike rate will enable punters to have longer winning streaks and lower losing runs. Thus, such tipsters should be considered and given priority over the rest.

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