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Top 10 Biggest Football Accumulator Wins Ever

Top 10 Biggest Football Accumulator Wins Ever

Nothing can be more frustrating and infuriating than watching the accumulator bet you had placed crumble like the house of cards before your eyes and that too in the first fixture during the weekend you would spend hours going through the picks, choosing the scoring teams or players, predicting the final scorecards but as luck would have it, it all goes to the bin almost in an instant as you find your perfectly curated safe bet falling apart.

Then there is the agony of reaching the penultimate fixture that could land you on the winning side of a once-in-a-lifetime bet only to watch the last leg of your accumulator go awry in a painstaking manner.

The entire betting landscape is filled with stories of agony and lost hopes where punters lost even the most promising bets however, in between the tales of heartaches and rage there are a few incredible stories.

These stories are what keeps our hopes up and make us believe that miracles are surely possible, even in the harsh world governed by bookies and bad luck.

So we thought of putting together a list of all such incredible stories and tales straight from the believe it or not category and tell you about the 10 biggest wins from the rouge football accumulator bets we all wish to have placed.

1. Winning £45,000 against a £5 bet

One unnamed bettor was able to correctly predict the match results in both teams to score market for six fixtures in the 2015 edition of the Premier League.

The result? Supercharged odds in his favor. At the end, when an out of form Everton beat West Brom, with three late goals, the match and the life of the bettor were flipped on their heads. William Hill had to pay 9172/1 odds, an unlikely sum, to the overjoyed bettor.

2. Winning £53,000 against a £49.5 bet

For an Acca bet, a £50 bet is simply monumental. No one is crazy enough to put this sum on an acca bet. But then, nobody has this amount of crazy luck on their side as well, beating the odds of 30303/1.

The ambitious player had placed the high stakes on the 22-fold accumulator and to begin with, the ticket was on its way to bag the punter from Betfair a little less than £1.5m. but just ahead of the final fixture, the punter cashed out – the greatest cash-out ever to be reported.


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3. Winning £92,000 against a £2 bet

In early 2015, a soon to be dad Mr. Clay gathered his incredible winnings all thanks to his 14-fold accumulator. 13 of the 14 picks he had made came through on Saturday itself but clay would have to wait for 24 hours for a West Brom vs Burnley match he had predicted would end up all square.

After what we can only think as agonizing 24 hours, the teams might not have won anything that day but Clay definitely got a tasty sum beating 46000/1 odds.

4. Winning £116,000 against a £5.05 bet

George Wood was a happy punter in 2015 when his 10 game prediction bet came home. By predicting outcomes of matches across multiple leagues and dates including the incredibly tight Le Classique, George was able to covert his £5 note into a bag full of £116k.

Full marks to Manchester City for beating Bournemouth in the final fixture that enabled this incredible tale of 1 against 22970 odds.

5. Winning £170,000 against a single pound note – 169,923/1 odds

Often times we find ourselves amazed by beginner’s luck that often does the rounds at the tables. For those who do not believe in beginner’s luck, however, this tale is for them. After opening his account with William Hill and barely reaching a double-digit marker on the number of bets placed, this unnamed punter lodged is 8th bet before completely forgetting about it. Who remembers £1 wager made online anyways.

But Leyton Orient had different plans for this man. Their final kick and subsequently the winning goal had made this person crazy rich, while he was oblivious to all the action happening in the background. The next time he logged into the account, you can very well guess the astonishment and joy to find himself £170,000 richer without their knowledge.

6. Winning £185,000 against £50

Another mammoth bet for and acca bet, yet the one which came through. An astonishing 20 fold wager put together by one anonymous punter in 2019. He watched in delight as Bayern Munich won against Hertha Berlin in his final fixture, changing his fortunes on the way.

7. Winning £272,000 against £2.5

In 2011, the best side in the world you could be playing against was Barcelona. Any bet against them would be extremely risky. But that was a risk our punter was willing to take along with other underdog upsets.

Beating 108,000 odds stacked against him, the brave bettor forced Ladbrokes to pay out a record sum at that time.


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8. Winning half a million pounds against a measly 30p

You read that right. Someone was able to beat 1.6 million odds in a single bet – talk about finding the needle in a haystack. It might not be the greatest sum of all time but sure is the greatest bet ever won in any market.

The bet could not be more incredible having to live through the frightful drama played out during the Champion’s League final penalty knockout between Valencia and Bayern Munich for the final pick. Whoever this guy is, he deserves a massive salute.

9. £585,000 won against a paltry 80p

This person lived by an unwritten rule of only betting €1 at a time, who knew that a single note could be converted into 585,000 of them. The resident of Malta had put a brave wager of 19-fold to accumulate this massive sum, all thanks to Chelsea for helping his bet makeover the line.

10. £100 against £650,000 – who would win?

Apparently, this punter. When you wager £100 on incredible odds, you resign and can only curse your foolishness.

That too when you place a bet after 70 mins have already passed. As crazy as it might sound, this story does make the punter the winner of a staggering £650k in just 20mins. What a show.

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