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How can I make a profit by betting on sports online?

Sports betting has become an online activity with the advent of online betting platforms. Here you are betting with an online bookmaker which is actually an algorithm developed by the betting site. So, it may be a lot more dependent on numbers. But, its ability to factor in other reasons besides numbers may not be that pronounced. Hence, the easiest trick to earning profit by betting on sports online lies is to pick the loopholes and turn them in your favor. Let’s find out how you can beat the online bookmaker to earn profit through some frequently asked questions.

How to use sure betting to make a profit?

Sure betting is where you leverage the difference at which odds are set by different bookmakers. If you find two bookmakers placing odds in favor of one team at say 2.0 and 10.0, and against it at 6.0 and 12.0 respectively, you can assume it to be a sure bet. Now combine your team’s knowledge, games’ knowledge, statistical and situational analysis. Try to factor in the contingencies too. And then, choose to favor the bet on one site and lay it on the other. In such a situation, you will always end up making money. A lot many factors come into play in your favor:

  1. Bookmakers may not have assessed the situation in entirety
  2. Odds may have changed and bookmakers could not have updated it before you place the bet
  3. Bookmakers relied entirely on the numbers; the last minute changes or in-field conditions were not put into perspective
  4. The bookmaker is not so experienced

So, study the bookmakers’ records and reputation before making a pair for sure bets. It mostly works in your favor irrespective of what happens at the end of the match.

How to bet profitably while betting on sports online?

Online sports betting is available for one and all. And, you can find a huge number of betting sites as well. So, you set the budget for betting and distribute it among the sites of your choice. It spreads the risk and allows you to cash those betting markets where the attention of betting sites is not too deep. Some of the best tips to follow to make a profit while betting on sports online are:

  1. Regularly change the bookmakers: When you join any bookmaker as a fresh customer, you are showered with lots of freebies, discount offers, bonus bets, etc. You can have a bird’s eye over all the offers running and keep adding up to the money available for money without taking it out from your own pocket. Thus, your investment remains low and returns a bit higher relatively.
  2. Search for sure bet conditions: Study how bookmakers are placing odds for any particular bet. If the difference in the size is large, you can have the difference working for you and create earning opportunity.
  3. Choose accumulator bets wisely: Add not more than 2 to 3 bets in your basket. And, choose only those bets which you are doubly sure of. Accumulator bets offer very high returns than single bet though the risk is high too.
  4. Don’t overspend: Invest only as much as the bet deserves. High spenders are not given extra brownie points, remember that! Hence, stick to the betting budget. Also, don’t think any profit to be small.

How to select the bet to make profit at online platforms

Selecting a bet is where the art of winning lies. One can make respectable earnings by being critical about the bets to stake upon. Here are some tips for evaluation:

  1. Read odds intelligently: Do the math correctly. Look at the previous records. Find how the teams are performing in the present season. And most importantly, do calculations to find if the odds are priced correctly. You can also seek tipster advice to have an expert’s say on your opinion about odds.
  2. Favor a strong team which is actually strong on records: As a football lover, you may have a fascination towards certain teams and players. But, as a bettor, you have to overcome that fascination and stay unbiased. Look at numbers, players’ squad, last-minute changes, managerial changes, and players’ fee record to find the motivationally strong team and back it while picking the side for betting.
  3. Go for markets not so extensively covered: If you want to bet upon matches of EPL, FIFA, or Bundesliga, you may not have sharper edge over the online bookmaker in terms of research tools. But there are markets like in-play betting, betting on the next player to score a goal or get a card, where the bookmaker may not have paid much attention. Fathom those possibilities or low competition betting markets, and make money.

What are safe betting practices to consider for making a profit by online betting?

Safe betting practices certainly mean less risky habits. Hence, don’t let high odds beguile you all the times. Go for a high odd only when your instinct is superlatively strong and so is your research. Some of the safe thoughts to have while betting are:

  1. A football tipster prediction is just a prediction, not a reality: You should not rely blindly on football predictions; rather use them as a cushion to your own research. So, research well and observe conditions where your gut instinct has paid you.
  2. Practice winning bets more often: Treat some bets as a trump card. If you keep a record of wins and losses, there will be some bets where you will be winning mostly. So, when you want to play safe, pick those bets.
  3. Identify a bad day and accept it: There are certain days that are always better than others. It needs your self-discipline to understand that day and stop the activity if losses are happening more than often during that day.


Making a profit becomes easy when you have read and analyzed numbers correctly. Also, you may get support from www.footballrtipster.net , a prediction site that offers tips on all running matches. This site sources the best tipsters and keeps the odds updated; also, it provides a complete performance record of tipsters and a lot of betting tips. Thus, you can make profits most times by following the tips above and the suggestions from this tipster site too.

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