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What are the best sites to get football (soccer) statistics?

Sports betting is a data-driven activity. Every match in a tournament generates a lot of data. Also, a number of events happen outside the field too, which affect the match’s outcome indirectly. Thus, a better needs to be a real sucker for statistics, news, and developments of football to make it big in betting. Let’s explore here a few of the best sites where you can get real and reliable numbers pertaining to football games.

1. Soccertipsters.net

This football (soccer) site is a complete platform for statistics and other supports. The users get access to latest fixtures, last five games’ statistics, tipster success rate in last five games, latest results, predictions on upcoming fixtures and a lot more here.

If you are interested in betting, you can choose the budget and the type of market as per your requirement. There is a complete record of football tipster profiles maintained and updated regularly. Also, the site takes pains to provide information on blacklisted sites so that their patrons stay away and secured from scam sites.

This site stands out in ease with which it allows navigation of information. Also, you may find various statistics-related blogs to get the real status of matches.

2. Wehda.net

Wehda.net is everything you seek in a football statistics site. This simply designed site provides daily predictions. In addition, it outlines the reasons which it considers for making those predictions. The site picks all the popular and nail-biting matches from tournaments considered prestigious for the career of a footballer.

The biggest advantage of this site is availability of daily betting tips. You can find the opinion of the most trusted and reputed football tipsters here. The visitors can select the betting market of their choice, such as over/under, fixed odds, 1×2 betting, etc. and make some money from the numbers they research upon.

3. Nowscore.co

Nowscore.co takes into account every single turn of events happening on the field to predict the outcomes of upcoming matches. The site dissects all prestigious tournaments of the world such as Bundesliga, La Liga, Euro Cup, EPL, Serie A and others and help understand how events and moods unfold in these tournaments.

This site offers information on tipsters’ profiles. You can select the tipsters based on their performance in last five matches. The statistics related to matches, players, tournaments are available through in-site links and blogs where the expert tipsters serve the readers with information relevant to football predictions making or betting.

4. Football365.tips

Football365.tips is a very interesting site for football statistics. Here, the predictions for matches are available country-wise. The site seriously considers the fact that conditions in different countries and tournaments vary for teams; and so, it categorically mentions the impactful situations.

Football365.tips is a bettors’ haven as the best of the tipsters provide reliable and verified tips on football matches. Apart from the football statistics, one can find detailed numbers on the tipster performance too. This site is recommended a lot by reputed betting exchanges and fulfils all the criteria which are must for a reliable football statistics site.

5. Equaliserfootball.com

If you never want to stay away from football statistics, this is the site for you. This football statistics site serves the information on football games and matches in a much categorized manner. Also, the site tabulates tipster performance in terms of hit rate, average success rate, profits made by soccer tipsters, etc.

Equaliserfootball.com provides detailed explanation for role of luck, randomness and research in football betting. Thus, as a beginner, you can find a lot of read-worthy stuff to know how betting and football matches’ predictions work. It is one of the most enriched sites that can educate football lovers on behind the scene factors working in a match.

6. Soccer0001.com

Soccer0001.com can be called the sure win in the betting specialists. This site encapsulates all factors that help any team win a match. Also, it throws light on the tips that one can consider and buy to achieve a win in football betting.

Soccer0001.com serves the needs right of those people who love cracking numbers correctly. It provides complete information on teams playing in upcoming matches and predicts the outcome. Apart from telling the outcome, it tells about the tipster’s winning percentage, factors that affect bettors’ wins, type of market worth trying in a football game, etc.  Thus, this site offers a complete package for lovers of football statistics.

7. Topsportspick.com

Topsportspick.com takes the football statistics most seriously. This football tips site offers an absorbing account of tipster statistics, sports statistics, betting results information, and etc. With the help of features like livescore, and bets-wise details such as statistics for full time/half-time total goals, fixed odds, etc. it can help bettors pick the best deals on football bets.

The site is more focused on upcoming picks information and provides support features like upcoming picks, opportunity signals, etc. With all happening news to offer to football lovers, this site can keep you entirely glued to the game and its statistics.

8. Predictionsoccer.net

Everything that happens before during and after the football match comes first on predictionsoccer.net. This football statistics site offers the most trusted account of upcoming and recently played matches. The users can know about the probable outcomes and may try their luck in football betting with added confidence by subscribing to this site.

This site tells about tipsters’ statistics, most accurate tipsters and the games’ analysis in terms of numbers. Thus, a football bettor is never short of information and can learn a lot about the factors affecting a football match and predictions on it.

To conclude,

footballtipster.net is one of the best sites to get football (soccer) statistics. Among various other sites, this site stands out in providing statistics in a user-relevant manner. The overall information quality is satisfactory and regular updating adds further to the reliability of the numbers presented here. With the best football tipsters on board, the football prediction site is the haven for statistics finders who love to use their knowledge to bet and also understand the game from a critic’s perspective.

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