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What is the most common soccer score?

What is the most common soccer score?

Correct score is one of the tough bets to try. The bettor has to predict the exact score likely to appear on the scoreboard at the end of the game. It requires lot of research, following of as many games as possible and derive a trend from that. The bettors need to be double sure of the correct score to win this bet, therefore, mostly they avoid it or stake a small amount on it. One simple way is to take a look at the common soccer score chart. According to a popular football analysis site, 1-1, is one of the most common scores.

How does finding a common soccer score help?

Common soccer score tells a lot about the football game and the possible trend one can detect. It cuts down the guess work when a bettor considers the common score chart. This simple statistic reveals the pattern of the tournament. It can also help in other ways, such as:

  1. Understand the team strategy: Some teams tend to adopt an aggressive stance at the start knowing that the opponent will lose it if they are made to sulk and struggle from the very start. The strategy is to wither away the stamina and the motivation. In such a state, the opponent is most likely to give up or may commit a mistake giving away the match. In such case, the common score arising from the teams’ meeting will be 2-1, 1-0.
  2. Ascertain late goal specialist team: Some teams have the tendency to go slow. They may be showing not much of a fight at the start. But, the style alters in the second half and they make a strong comeback. The strategy is to keep the ball in possession, have all goals conceded with the help of a clean sheet specialist and then gather the momentum and post a goal in the last minute of the match. It catches the opposing team unguarded and has got no time to return the favor. 0-1, 2-1 and 1-1 are the most common scores when one of the team is a late goal specialist.
  3. Helps determine the probable number of draw matches: The statistics surrounding the English Premier League reveal that about 27% matches end in a draw in this league. Such trends indicate the possibility that 1-1 will be a common score. This information can be used to go for correct score bet and also to predict a draw bet.

Which factors contribute to making 1-1, or 0-0 a common score in a tournament?

The score of 1-1 or 0-0 simply means draw match and the match with low score possibility. So, all factors that work behind predicting a draw or low score match work for this common score prediction too. These factors are:

  1. Two teams on middle ranks of the tally board: The middle ranking teams have average technical competence and their capacities are similar to one another. Hence, they show a lot of possession and dribble throughout the match and don’t give in so easily. It ends up having low score or a common score of 1-1 or 0-0 on the sheet.
  2. Teams happy to share a point: If one team has already made the place in the finals or in the next level and the other team has also saved the relegation, the match has not much to fight for. In such cases, where teams play purely to fill the schedule or for the audience and are happy sharing a point, the score board is likely to read 1-1 or 0-0.
  3. When the teams have complementing playing style: If one team is strong on attack and the other has amazing defending capacity, they may not allow many assists and dribbles to end in the goal. The tendency to attack in the first half of one team and the other team showing more attacking game in the second half also create complementing conditions. In such situations too, 1-1, or 0-0 will be the common score to expect. You can ascertain this hunch by referring to the record of last meets between the teams in the question.

What is the common soccer score that arises due to home and away field conditions?

Home team gets the crowd support, and so, is quite boosted psychologically. The away team also has the determination to perform despite the hurdles and prove that they have got the character. But, it is the home team that most has the up hand in the game. That is why, 1-0 home win is one of the most common soccer scores.

If the home team is quite strong as compared to the visiting team but the opposing team has the record of scoring late goals, the common score comes out to be 2-1 home win.

If the home team is stronger and is meeting not much of a fighter, the 2-0 home win has the most common occurrence. It is followed by 0-1 as per the derivations made from the league match records.

What is the most common minute to score in a soccer game?

Various in-play conditions to bet emerge throughout the game and keep the bettors busy. One of such important statistics is common minute to score. It can be a subject of speculation and may help bettors make a quick money if they have studied the past records. The first five and the last five minutes are the most common times when the goals occur in a football game. From the records of EPL, 1-0 is the common half time score. In about 35% of the English Premier League matches, the first goal is scored in the first half of the game, mostly in the starting five minutes.

Summing up,

When you want to research on the match statistics, common score is a good thing to explore. It can help you predict half-time correct score, full-time correct score, a draw game and also the first player and the minute to score. It also helps predict the result of Over/Under bets. So, spend considerable time in researching upon this statistic from various angles and prepare yourself for several betting opportunities.

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