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Rolling in Success: The Path to a Winning Rollover in Sports Betting

Winning Rollover

Bookmakers provide bonuses to the punters when they join them as a new member or make a deposit as an existing one. The punters cannot withdraw the money that is given to them as bonus unless they have rolled it over in bets as specified by the bookmaker. This requirement to wager the money ‘n’ number of times is called rollover requirement. So, what are various bonuses where rollover is required and how to make a good use of rollover in sports betting, let’s find out in this post.

Rollover requirement example

Suppose you have made a deposit of $100 at the start and your bookmaker is offering you 100% deposit bonus and requires you to roll it over 10x times. In this case, your rollover requirement is calculated as

[$100 (your deposit) + $100 (Bonus)] * 10 = $2,000.

Thus, your rollover requirement in this case is $2,000. It means you need to wager $2,000 in eligible bets to be entitled to the withdrawals you make from your winnings.

It may sound overwhelming and financially difficult sometimes, but the main aim of providing bonus and applying rollover requirement is that the bookmakers want you to stay invested in betting and create chances of winning money by staying active in the process.

You must know that the rollover requirements are not the same at all bookmakers. So, when you are shopping for the bookmakers, the rollover requirement can be a point worth comparing. The best bookmaker for punters is one that keep the rollover requirement low and offers a good percentage of deposit amount as the bonus.

Important terms to know about rollover

Ready to decode the rollover and its requirements? Here are some of the terms to understand when you choose to collect the bonus and use it for wagering on bets.

  • Wagering requirement

It is same as rollover requirement. The players need to wager a certain multiple of the bonus and the deposit on eligible bets to claim winnings and withdraw money from the main betting account. Usually, the bookmakers have different sections such as casino games. The bonus terms and conditions tell in advance on which games the players can use it along with the deposit.

Some networks mention wagering requirement as, “For every $1 bonus, the players need to wager $10 in bets.” It is nothing but just another way of explaining the wagering requirement. It eventually means x10 times the bonus as wagering requirement only.

  • Expiration date

The second term you will come across in terms and conditions of bonus is the expiration date. It is the last day by which the players must have wagered the total amount of $2,000 [(deposit + bonus * 10)] to validate the right on bonus amount offered. If this date is crossed, the bonus amount is forfeited or cancelled. So, when you meet the wagering requirement before the expiry date, the bonus becomes available for you to withdraw.

  • Eligible events/games

The wagering requirements can be met only when the bonus amount is used betting on games which are approved by the bookmaker. If the bettors wager the bonus on excluded games, that is not included in the calculation of rollover.

  • Eligible bets

Apart from eligible events or games, there are certain betting markets which are excluded from the calculation of wagering requirement. Some bookmakers exclude parlay bets, accumulator bets, prop bets, or teasers while calculating the rollover contribution.

  • Minimum/maximum odds

The bookmakers take all precautions to ensure that their liability towards the punter is limited. So, they set the minimum and maximum limit on odds which can be bet upon while fulfilling the wagering requirement. If these limits are surpassed, the bet is excluded from the rollover calculation.

How to ascertain that the rollover requirement is met

The bonuses appear in the ‘rewards’ section of the betting account that punters open at the time of registration with the bookmaker. When the bets are placed, the remaining rollover requirement is conveyed to the punter. Thus, there is no calculation involved; however, the punters can maintain the record of the bets and confirm at their end the remaining wagering requirement. It is advisable to wager the bonus in the games where the contribution is accounted for.

Types of bonuses where rollover requirement is a reality

Bonuses serve as the promotional tools which can be used to keep the interest of the punters alive in the betting site. Most of these bonuses come with the rollover requirement. If the bonus does not require rolling over, it is clearly mentioned in terms and conditions. Some of the bonuses you can find with bookmakers are:

  1. Deposit match bonus: The bookmakers offer 100% or more of the deposit as bonus, which they make at the start of using the site. The wagering requirement is ‘n’ times the bonus added to the betting account.
  2. Reload bonus: Whenever the betting account is replenished, the bookmaker may offer some percentage of deposit made as the reload bonus. The rollover requirement is as per the terms laid down by the bookmaking site.

What are bettor-friendly rollovers?

The rollover which is easy to meet and can be made without burning the hole in the pocket is certainly a bettor-friendly rollover. Ideally, the 3x to 5x rollover requirement is considered reasonable. In essence, the rollover is considered good because:

  1. It encourages punters to bet more and often, which increases the chance of winning money.
  2. It helps gain loyalty of customers as their interest stayed vested in the bookmaker and they will not disappear after collecting the bonus.
  3. By posing a wagering requirement, the bookmakers have more funds flowing in, which makes them financially stable.

To conclude,

Look for bookmakers that offer bonuses with reasonable wagering requirements. If you have confidence in your strategy, you will see rollover as a positive opportunity to stay invested in betting and try winning money. footballtipster.net is the prediction site that also tells about the betting sites where the rollover requirements are pocket-friendly. Consider the options suggested there and have more funds in hand to try winning money by betting.

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