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Understanding The Concept Of Sure Win Football Bets

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Sports betting come with very few guarantees but it does come with one sure way which guarantees a win every time, at least theoretically. This is the sure win football bet which enables punters to make money by capitalising on the differences which occur when bookmakers set the odds to a game of soccer. In such an instance, the profit is theoretically guaranteed irrespective of whether there is an outcome to the game or not.

But while initially it was easy to spot sure win football bets technological advances have made it slightly more difficult to spot it now. In fact now in order to win a sure bet, the punter needs to be well-versed in the mathematics of the same. There are, however, some websites and applications available which make sure bets much more recognisable.

Defining sure bets

Technically, in sports betting parlay, sure win football bets enables a punter to spread his wager across all possible outcomes of the game. This results in a situation where in profits are always made irrespective of the outcome of the game. Simply put, one bet is placed individually on all possible outcomes of a soccer game. Thus, one of the bets is bound to win and the winning bet either makes the punter a neat profit or simply covers the losses he incurs by betting on the other outcomes.

While, sure win football bets might sound very simple and nice, punters need to put in quite a bit of time-taking research to be able to pull it off successfully.


Technique behind a sure bet

It is common knowledge in all forms of betting that when the bookmakers set the odds, it is generally in their favour. They make money by taking a percentage of the odds offered. For example if the bookies know that the chance of a particular outcome of the game is 50%, they will put the odds as 9/10 or 1.90 instead of 1/1 or 2.00 as it should be. They then start adjusting the odds and balancing the investments in a way that ensures that the bookies always win.

Sure win football bets also follow the same technique in principle but herein instead of the bookies, it is the punters who are in control. Thus, by approaching different bookies and knowing the different odds set by them, the punters are able to capitalise on the situation and ensure that the margins get set in their favour. Sure win bets are thus, a sure way to beat the bookies and stay on top of them.

Spotting a sure win bet

Now with several bookies merging and working under one umbrella as different brands, they set the odds in consultation with each other and hence it has become a bit difficult to recognise sure win football bets. But it is not impossible and they can be recognised easily using either of the two processes:

  • Going through all betting websites individually and collecting and comparing the odds set for the same event. This process is extremely tedious and time consuming and also offers very limited chances of finds odds which warrant sure win football bets.
  • There are certain websites and application software packages available which help to find sure bets much faster and more accurately. Some of these websites are for free while others need subscriptions or some other form of payments. The quality of the service offered will also vary accordingly.

For free services that are offered, there is generally a time lag which tends to have an impact on the accuracy of the results provided. On the other hand paid services charge quite a lot of money and the profits made by placing sure bets might not justify the same. Hence, the punter needs to make an informed choice here and then select the process he wants to adopt for finding sure win football bets.

Risks involved

Every bet placed comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Sure bets too come with their own set of the same. While the advantages have been spoken about above, some of the disadvantages associated with sure bets are:

  • Limitations and restrictions: Mostly all betting websites have to comply with certain restrictions which put a ceiling on the maximum amount that can be bet. In most cases, punters are only informed about this restriction after they have committed a certain amount on an outcome. In such an instance there is a high probability that the punter might actually lose the stake already placed since he was unable to cover all outcomes of the football match to be played. There are times wherein betting websites also place limitations on the amount an individual punter can place on a bet. The limit would be such that it does not warranty the placement of sure win football bets. This is because if the amount placed on a sure bet is not large, it will not be able to cover the losses of the punters.




  • Bet void or bookmaker error: Voiding a bet is the sole prerogative of the bookmaker or the betting website. Thus such an instance might arise when a punter has placed money on all the outcomes of an event with different betting websites and all of a sudden one of those websites decides to withdraw a bet citing incorrect odds as the problem. In this case the punter stands to lose even the bets he has placed with the other websites if the outcome does not go in his favour thereby making a mockery of the sure win football bets placed.


  • Changing odds: This is an even more frustrating instance wherein a punter, after placing odds on 2 different outcomes finds that the odds for the same has changed in the third website. Since odds keep altering, the punter has only very limited odds for placing sure win football bets. Thus, he has to be extremely fast or risk losing the amounts wagered.

While there might be disadvantages to the system, sure bet is still considered to be one of the most popular betting techniques that have a high probability of assuring profits. The punter, however, should be extremely quick in spotting the same and placing the bets so that he stands to win a good amount of money.

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