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How to bet on the FA Cup, a complete guide?

How to bet on the FA Cup, a complete guide?

With a history that goes back to the 19th century, the FA Cup is the world’s oldest national competition for football. Yet despite being a domestic English football cup, it enjoys a global audience. Such is its popularity that fans and betting enthusiasts look forward to the start of the new season every year. 

Since many people like to place bets on the outcome of events associated with the FA cup, there is no dearth of soccer betting tipsters. They help to beat the bookmakers every year with their predictive analysis, historical data, current statistics and the application of mathematical models. However, to enhance chances of winning in the FA cup soccer betting, it is important to understand its structure, strategies adopted, teams playing, etc.

What is the format of the FA cup?

The FA cup is a knock-out English football competition held annually. Any club down to the English football league system’s level 10 that meets the eligibility criteria of the FA cup can contest it. These 10 levels consist of:

  • Level 1: All 92 clubs participating in Premier Leagues
  • Level 2 to 4: All English Football League clubs
  • Level 5 to 10: Non-leagues teams of belonging to the National League system’s levels 1 to 6

The tournament consists of 12 arbitrarily chosen rounds excluding the semi-finals and the finals. Ranks determine the time of the entry of a team in the tournament. Higher-ranked teams enter late while lower-ranked teams enter early. Teams need to win around 6 to 14 games depending on when the team enters the FA cup. 

What betting events can help win money in FA cup?

With the FA cup hosting several matches between different teams it is a haven for betting enthusiasts. Different betting options offer punters a host of opportunities to make money. To make an accurate choice of betting option, punters have to understand the different betting options available in FA cup betting. These include:

  • FA cup Moneyline bet: The club slated to win the match outright receives the maximum number of bets. Betting odds are placed on individual teams and the punter receives the payment based on his pick. To ensure that the punter makes the right pick, he needs to take advantage of the predictions made and the statistics used in the same by soccer betting tipsters.
  • Over/ under bet for FA cup: In this punters place a bet on the total number of goals that are likely to be scored in a match. However, instead of predicting the exact number of goals scored by both the teams, punters place wagers on whether the number of goals scored would cross a certain number as decided by the bookies. This number is generally taken to be either 2.5 or 3.5 etc.
  • Prop betting in FA cup: Herein bets are placed on the events that take place during the game. They are or two types:
  • Player props that include events like the first goal scorer, final goal scorer, exact goal scorer etc.
  • Game props include events like the exact final score, winner of the game etc
  • Game spread bet in FA cup: In this type of wager, goals or points are deducted and the underdog is given those points. Thus, the underdogs gain an advantage and the favourites have to struggle hard to overcome this initial disadvantage and win the game.
  • FA cup futures: These are long-term bets. There include wagers placed on the FA cup winner, the team that will become the FA cup champion of the season.
  • Live betting in FA cup: This is especially popular in the FA cup. Since the odds keep changing during the course of the game, punters need to watch the game carefully and place bets quickly to take advantage of the dynamic action on the field. Some of the events wherein live bets are very popular are final score, half-time score, number of cards shown during the game etc.
  • Parlays: These are combination bets that are placed for different events in a FA cup match. To win a parlay, a punter has to win all the bets in the combination. 

While the above bets have the potency to make money for the punter, collaborating with soccer betting tipsters enhances a punter’s advantage and lessens his risks. Thus, punters should always select good and result-oriented tipsters like www.footballtipster.net  to gain a strategic advantage and win bets. 

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